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Decklite is a structurally engineered safe access solution providing cost-effective, efficient and safe access when performing inspection, repair or maintenance work at height. Decklite is a multi-penetration and modular system which can be assembled, moved and disassembled quickly and efficiently to increase productivity. It's design makes it extremely lightweight and compact for easy transportation, as well as having minimal impact on the work-zone during assembly and disassembly compared to traditional scaffolding systems.

Increased Productivity

Decklite increases productivity by drastically reducing assembly and dissasembly times, saving on both time and cost.

Safe Access

Decklite provides a safe and clear span working area with a central safety line for added security. It gives the worker a fully enclosed, soft fall, secure and safe working area.

Space Saving

Decklite's modular design drastically reduces the space taken up on deck during assembly and the whole kit can be transported in an approved container.

Reduced Manpower

Less personnel are required to assemble the system, and all the lightweight components can be trolleyed to the work zone.

Multiple Configurations

Decklite's modular design can be used in a huge variety of situations and configurations from underneath bridges, over the side and collumns to name a few.

Expert Training

In house, expert training is provided for staff, to train them in different levels of Decklite usage.

Multiple Applications

Decklite can be used for many applications including Offshore Platform, Transport Bridges, Construction Sites, Jetties/Wharfs, FPSO, Heli-Deck and Drill Derricks.

Lightweight Design

Decklite's ultra lightweight design reduces transport cost and assembly time, and is ideal for applications where traditional scaffolding may be too heavy.



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